• Community Rules & Regulations

  • We at Kenson's Jurassic Kingdom are a Family-Friendly (Family-Safe) community. Because of this, our rules are a bit more strict than most other communities. Please take a couple minutes to read the following rules and guidelines, to avoid any unfortunate actions against your account. If you are unable to follow these rules, we would recommend not registering on the site, as you will likely get your warnings/bans very quickly if you do not understand these rules. We also highly recommend that you check up on this page from time-to-time to see if the rules have been updated. We will post announcements when they are updated, but you may still miss them!

    Table of Contents

    Main Rules

    These are the main rules that must be obeyed at all times.

    • No Swearing
      • [This is ANY form of language, even ones that are considered more mild in some countries that are more serious in others!]
    • No Spamming
      • [This is any form of 'spamming'. Posting the same thing over and over, attempting to circumvent filters, etc...]
    • No Adult Content
      • [This is in ANY form, even if it wasn't construed as pornographic, or as in artistic nudity. We do not allow this AT ALL, this is a place for people of ALL ages, even kids!]
    • No Self Promotion
      • [No forms of self-promotion, in any manner, unless you are a YouTuber, Streamer (with the proper roles), or a Tyrant (staff) -- You may ask for permission from a moderator or administrator if you are an artist on DeviantArt/etc, though]
    • No Controversial Topics
      • [This includes religious discussions, politics, and anything else controversial!]
    • No Back-seat moderating
      • [This is best left to the actual moderators, administrators, and owners, we would rather you report wrongdoers.]

    Discord-Specific Rules

    We have a few (not many) specific Discord-related rules. Please take a moment to read these if you are on the Discord server. These are in addition to the Main Rules above.

    • Please use Headphones
      • Please use headphones while in voice, with a decent quality mic. If this is not possible for you, we understand. But if you are able to use a decent pair of headphones and a mic, it will help cut down on random background noises.
    • No Self-Bots
      • No Self-bots, at all. This is against Discord's Rules. If you are caught using a Self-bot, you will get one warning, then banned from the Discord server.
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