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Trip To Canda - May 8th -- 16th

Why hello everyone! As some of you may know (I'm sure not everyone does), I am going on a trip to Canda from May 8th to 16th, to attend my cousin (@The_Evil_Sphere)'s Graduation party. He's done high school, and is already working! This journal will be updated mainly during the trip, so I won't have a second addition to it until the day I leave to fly to Canda (Alaska Air to right before the border).

Six Flags - April 30th 2018

Hello! Today, is the day! The day that we got our bring a friend free tickets to Six Flags. Be sure to keep up-to-date on the Instagram (https://link.kensonplays.com/social-insta) - Since I will be posting some pics there today! (Not a ton, because pics with friends will be kept private, of course)   Edit 7:30 PM: Well, we’re on our way home. It was a very good trip with a family friend. Hope you were able to check out the Instagram for a few pics! (I don’t upload pics with my IRL friends in it for privacy reasons on public accounts) Unfortunately, trips like these will never be a public meet-up. The only time you could really meet up with me is at PAX South in San Antonio, TX (which I’ve attended all but one year of it so far).