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  • Kenson.png   Welcome to Kenson's Jurassic Kingdom! This is the official website for KensonPlays. Kenson loves dinosaurs, dragons, sci-fi, and more. Make sure to read the About page. Be sure to stop in our Discord server, if you use it! We do not currently have any other chatrooms (Teamspeak, Mumble, etc).

       Welcome to Kenson's Jurassic Kingdom! This is the Official Website of KensonPlays. Kenson loves Dinosaurs, Dragons, Sci-Fi, and more! Kenson is a Family-Friendly content creator. This means there is no language (wherever possible, live-streams are kinda hard to 'undo') in all his content. This means it should be pretty safe for parents to leave their children. The only language is pre-spoken dialogue in cutscenes/etc, which are impossible to cut out while live.

       If you have any questions, please feel free to use the Contact link at the bottom of the page. As a Family-Friendly community, we have some Rules that need to be followed, at all times. Also take a look at the Calendar for more information on Kenson's day-to-day life. If you have any concerns as a parent or guardian, please use the Contact link at the beginning of this paragraph to get in touch with me directly.

       You may be wondering . . . Why KensonPlays? Why not some other more well-known dude? Well, hopefully it's because you were looking for a person that strives their best to be Family-Friendly, in all aspects. Not just in videos and streams. In the chatrooms, and this here website? Well, that's true as well! We have a language filter on both the website and on Discord. Both are fairly comprehensive, so words rarely get through, and if they do, one of our Tyrants (staff, aka Admins and Mods) will take care of it as soon as it's seen.

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    • By KensonPlays in Kenson's Journal
      Why hello everyone! As some of you may know (I'm sure not everyone does), I am going on a trip to Canda from May 8th to 16th, to attend my cousin (@The_Evil_Sphere)'s Graduation party. He's done high school, and is already working! This journal will be updated mainly during the trip, so I won't have a second addition to it until the day I leave to fly to Canda (Alaska Air to right before the border).
    • By KensonPlays in Kenson's Journal
      Just a simple one-sentence blog post to show in the home page. ?
    • By KensonPlays in Kenson's Journal
      Hello! Today, is the day! The day that we got our bring a friend free tickets to Six Flags. Be sure to keep up-to-date on the Instagram (https://link.kensonplays.com/social-insta) - Since I will be posting some pics there today! (Not a ton, because pics with friends will be kept private, of course)
      Edit 7:30 PM: Well, we’re on our way home. It was a very good trip with a family friend. Hope you were able to check out the Instagram for a few pics! (I don’t upload pics with my IRL friends in it for privacy reasons on public accounts)
      Unfortunately, trips like these will never be a public meet-up. The only time you could really meet up with me is at PAX South in San Antonio, TX (which I’ve attended all but one year of it so far).